I did my lessons with Danielle and I wouldn’t have passed without her, I’m going to miss our little chats. I highly recommend to any learners to go with rgh, they are all amazing.

Rhonda is a very good instructor and showed me the courses and very clearly outlined what I needed to do to get my Ps

Would 100% recommend, I had kay teach me she is amazing at what she does, instantly makes you feel comfortable so don’t worry about being anxious with her! Soo kind and friendly, she explained everything so well ! without her I probably wouldn’t of passed my ps test
Everyone is so lovely and extremely helpful!

I got my L’s when i was over 25 which meant i could go for my P’s when i felt ready. My husband did the best he could but a lot of things had changed in the time since he got his license. Kay taught me everything i needed to know and after a handful of lessons i got my P’s first try. I was very grateful for the service provided and would tell anyone on their L plates to go see RGH Driver Training. I feel like its really essential before you go for your test.

Rhonda was great with my boys. Friendly knowledgeable and calm. Would recommend for all learners and P plate testing
Thanks Rhonda

Driving with RGH was honestly the best, an awesome comfortable environment perfect for learning how too drive, keep up the awesome work guys 

Would 100% recommend driving lessons with Danielle! I was in a manual and she made me feel confident to drive so quickly. She’s a lovely person and good to chat too whilst driving! I Wouldn’t have been able to pass without her!😁😁